Богородица и Младенец с архангелом Михаилом и св. ~Еразмом {6383}
Virgin and Child with archangel Michael and St ~Erasmus
Virgin appears with all attributes of Her holiness: the crown, the halo and the crescent.
Архангел Михаил на безмене взвешивает душу и её дела.
Archangel Michael is shown weighing up a soul and its deeds.
St ~Erasmus is treated in a lively fashion.
His clothes are depicted in great detail: one can see the fur trimming and even the pomegranate pattern of the fabric, typical of the fifteenth century, the same as the pattern of the ground for the embroidery on the hanging itself.
1477. Германия.
Вышивка. Драпировка.
Embroidery. Hanging.
Linen, embroidered with wool.
№ Т 8962.
The date of execution is embroidered twice: in Roman and in the Gothic version of Arabic figures (MCCCCLXXVII).
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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