Богородица и Младенец {6339}
Virgin and Child
The combination of elegance and energy suggests an artist who was influenced by the Florentine masters Lorenzo Ghiberti and Donatello.
Sold 1941 to the Samuel H. Kress Foundation; gift 1943 to NGA.
~ Florence: S. Spirito ( - )

Berlin: Dr. Eduard Simon (his sale, Galerie Paul Cassirer, Berlin, 10-11 October 1929, no. 32).

New York

Вашингтон: гал. Нац. (1943 )
Washington: NGA
Virgin is an elegant princess, with high cheekbones, waving locks, and serene expression. The naturalistic colors of Her face take on an almost cosmetic quality in their description of Her red lips and blushing cheeks. The Virgin’s delicate beauty is enhanced by the use of gold on Her hair and garments.

The Child is equally refined. Modeled as a fully round figure, He twists toward the viewer in a graceful, balletic pose as He reaches for the edge of His Mother’s veil.

On the base, an inscription reads AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA (“Hail Mary Full of Grace”).

~1425. Florence.
Лепка. Рельеф.
Modelling. Relief.
Terra cotta, painted and gilded.
№ 1943.4.93.
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