Коронование БР {6329}
Coronation of Virgin
It probably formed the central section of a similarly complex altarpiece, the side panels of which are now missing.
Гадди А.
Agnolo Gaddi
Вашингтон: гал. Нац.
Washington: NGA
Musical angels serenade Virgin coronation. Dressed in pale olive green, one angel plays a lute while another, garbed in iridescent robes, strums a mandore. Such pastel colors infuse the poetic paintings of Agnolo Gaddi, who also preferred intricate, delicate patterns. The surface of the painted gesso plaster was textured by designs impressed with punching tools. The crowns of the Virgin and Christ are so deeply indented as to appear three-dimensional.
In triptych {6328} several of the angels have faces that nearly duplicate the angels here.
Tempera on panel.
№ 1939.1.203.
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