Вознесение Богородицы {5771}
Ascension of the Virgin
Оахака: Тлаколула
Oaxaca: Tlacolula
Virgin is standing on cloud, horned moon, and two angels; hands nearly touching each other in prayer.
Despite the suggestion of weight in the robes, the hem of the cloak ripples lightly as if carried on the wind. The pattern in the cloak is of delicate gold feathers on a dark blue background, balancing the gold of the robe and the red of the cincture. The long robe flows smoothly over the globe of clouds to anchor the rising figure to its support. The skin tones and the blush are striking.
Statue. Gold robe, patterned mantle.
Polychrome; glass eyes, no lashes, carved hair.
h = 3'2".
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