Богородица и Младенец на троне {5760}
Virgin and Child enthroned
A gift to the Museum by the famous financier and collector J. Pierpont Morgan, this masterpiece of wood carving possesses extensive sections of its original polychromy, especially on the throne and on the cushion. The figure combines the abstract yet lyrical drapery patterns of the mantel with a more natural face. These are characteristic of a series of statues produced in central France during the twelfth century.
Gift of J. Pierpont Morgan, 1916.
Париж ( - )
Here the Virgin is understood as Mother of God and Jesus as the living logos (Word of God). At the same time such an image often functioned as a container for holy relics and this figure contains two cavities probably for this purpose; one that is still intact is concealed behind the Virgin's shoulder, the other panel in the front on her chest is a later addition.
1150...1200. Auvergne (France).
Дуб, резьба. Статуя.
Carving on oak, polychromy, gesso, linen.
h = 787.
№ 16.32.194.
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