Кёльнский диптих {5737}
The Cologne diptych
An outstanding example of Gothic goldsmiths' work and enameling, this small devotional diptych achieves a gemlike quality through its accomplished technique and graceful style.
The diptych generally has been attributed to either a Parisian or a Cologne workshop, but a more precise localization is made difficult not only by the mobility of artists and the resultant transmission of styles, but also by the palpable stylistic differences between the outer and inner wings. In addition, the unusual inclusion of a midwife in the Nativity scene is an iconographic peculiarity that appears for the most part to have been of Austrian origin. While the place in which this diptych originated remains somewhat uncertain, the essential stylistic qualities of the work link it with Cologne.
Gift of Ruth Blumka, 1980.
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен
New York: MMA
Благовещение, внутри слева

Воскресение, снаружи справа


Распятие с предстоящими, снаружи слева

Crucifixion with attendants

Рождество, внутри справа

1300...25. German; Made in Cologne (possibly), Rhine Valley.
Литьё. Эмаль.
Silver gilt with translucent and opaque enamels.
The outer scenes are executed in translucent enamel with details in opaque enamel, while the inner scenes are in the form of cast reliefs.
№ 1980.366.
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