Благовещение {5544}
These (?) two pictures were components of a large altarpiece probably dedicated to the Virgin.
Spanish works like these, often feature elaborate treatment of the gold background, evident here in the exuberant raised decoration (called pastiglia) in the skies and haloes, as well as other details such as the vase of lilies in the Annunciation.
Gift of Francis Ginn, Marian Ginn Jones, Barbara Ginn Griesinger, and Alexander Ginn in memory of Frank Hadley Ginn and Cornelia Root Ginn.
Феррер Дж.
Jaume Ferrer
Кливленд: музей искусства (1953 )
Cleveland: museum of art
The archangel Gabriel, gesturing toward God in a window above, proclaims the Virgin's destiny as the mother of Christ.
Gabriel holds a scroll with the words from the New Testament (in Latin) "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you."
The angels in the sky hold another scroll proclaiming: "Glory to God in the highest, and peace to good people on earth".
The simple objects surrounding the Virgin appear to be the furnishings of an ordinary house, but they carry symbolic meaning.
The lilies represent the Virgin's purity; the covered jar and the water carafe symbolize inviolability.
The towel and basin hint at ritual cleansing during Mass.
The blown out candle points to the arrival of divine light in the world.
The pomegranate symbolizes Christ's resurrection, while the apple alludes to humankind's fall from grace.
The two books, closed and open, refer respectively to the Old and New testaments: one foretelling and the other fulfilling the promise of the Messiah.
Oil, tempera, and gold on wood panel (fir).
1390х1865х145 - framed.
1247х1720 - unframed.
№ 1953.660.1.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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