Коронование БР {5554}
Coronation of the Virgin
This picture's original use is uncertain.
It's size and shape are appropriate for a predella, which often consists of several small panels. However, the Coronation of the Virgin almost never appears in predellas. The panel's minute detail and rich finish suggest that it may have been a private piece for a collector.
This is an early work by Fra Angelico.
The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Collection.
Анджелико Ф.
Fra Angelico
Кливленд: музей искусства (1944 )
Cleveland: museum of art
While and angel holds Her train, the Virgin kneels to receive the crown Christ offers.
The scene glimmers with gold; the thrones are draped with starry tapestries, the walls are hung with a cloth of gold, and Christ Himself radiates light.
Tempera and gold on wood.
455х515х85 - folio.
372х270 - unframed.
№ 1944.79.
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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