Богородица и Младенец на троне {5541}
Virgin and Child enthroned
Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund.
Мастер св. Лучии
Master of San Lucchese
Кливленд: музей искусства (1968 )
Cleveland: museum of art
Seated on an elaborate throne, the Virgin's weighty majesty emphasizes Her role as the Queen of Heaven.
At the same time, She holds the infant Christ tenderly and looks down warmly to the side.
To the right flutters a goldfinch, which has just flown from Christ's upraised hand.
Legend holds that a goldfinch, a bird that nests in thorny trees, removed a painful spine from Christ's crown of thorns.
A drop of Christ's blood fell on the goldfinch, forever giving the bird it's red markings.
Tempera and gold on wood.
610х1225х75 framed.
540х1137 unframed.
№ 1968.206.
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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