Введение во храм {5530}
Presentation of Virgin in the temple
Fra Carnevale most likely painted this work as part of a monumental altarpiece for the church of Santa Maria della Bella in Urbino, and the repainted area along the top edge reveals the shape and placement of the original frame.
Charles Potter Kling Fund.
Фра Карневале
Fra Carnevale
Урбино: церковь Санта Мария делла Белла (~1467 - )
Urbino: church of Santa Maria della Bella

Бостон: МИИ

Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
The figures stand before a vast basilica whose facade, with its triumphal arch based on those of Constantine and Septimus Severus in Rome, is an important early instance of Renaissance fascination with classical architecture.
The painting’s precise spatial organization allows the viewer to gaze deep into the temple, discovering painted altarpieces and a glimpse of street.
Although traditionally identified as a Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple (with the young Virgin, dressed in blue, standing in the center foreground), the painting’s unusually secular aspects and lack of specific focus make it uncertain what event in the Virgin’s life it actually depicts.
Oil and tempera on panel.
№ 1937 37.108.
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