Богоматерь облаков {5529}
Madonna of the clouds
One of very few works in the United States by the preeminent sculptor of the early Italian Renaissance, this exquisite marble relief was probably commissioned as an object of private devotion and originally framed in a wooden tabernacle with painted wings.
The relief depicts the Madonna of Humility, surrounded by angels and seated on a bank of clouds.
The extremely shallow carving, measurable in millimeters, makes the figures clearly discernible only in a soft, raking light that creates shadows to delineate the edges of the forms.
This subtle and exacting relief technique is called schiacciato (flattened).
Possibly inspired by the classical art of cameo carving, schiacciato relief was invented by Donatello, and few other sculptors attempted it.
Gift of Quincy A. Shaw, through Quincy A. Shaw, Jr., and Mrs. Marian Shaw Haughton.
Бостон: МИИ (1917 )
Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
Богородица и Младенец с ангелами
Virgin and Child with angels
~ 1425...30.
Рельеф. Резьба. Мрамор.
Carving on marble.
№ 17.147.
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