Богородица и Младенец {5526}
Virgin and Child
This Madonna and Child is the oldest European painting in the Museum's collection.
It typifies the Byzantine-influenced style of painting that was prevalent in Italy before the Florentine master Giotto introduced a more natural style in the fourteenth century.
The abstract patterning and bold linear definition of the drapery folds and the schematization of the Madonna's hands are characteristic of Byzantine icons, as is the motif of Christ blessing and holding a scroll.
The stylized stars that appear on the Madonna's headdress and shoulder occur frequently in Italian painting and refer to Her title, "Star of the Sea," the meaning of the Jewish form of Her name, Miriam.
It was probably the central panel of a three-part altarpiece, or triptych; the arched flanking wings, which may have depicted saints and/or scenes from the life of Christ, have been lost.
Gift of Wachovia Bank and Trust Company.
Circle of the Berlinghieri Family (Italian, active about 1200-1274)
Северная Каролина: музей Худ.
North Carolina: North Carolina Museum of Art
~ 1235.
Tempera and gold leaf on panel.
№ 57.16.1.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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