Св. Семейство {5521}
Holy Family
Gift of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation.
Боттичелли С. с помощниками
Alessandro Botticelli and assistants
Северная Каролина: музей Худ.
North Carolina: North Carolina Museum of Art
The circular format was well-suited to Botticelli's affinity for line and rhythmical movement.
The ornate frame - carved in Florence during the 1950s - is based on the type that would have originally surrounded the painting.
As is frequently the case with other Renaissance paintings, this work contains many Christian symbols.
The wheat stalks emerging from the thatched roof and beneath Christ's pillow refer to Bethlehem (literally "house of bread") and to the bread of the Eucharist, served at communion to symbolize Christ's body.
In the middleground, Botticelli includes the approach of the three magi and their retinues, who have come to pay homage to the newborn king of the Jews.
Tempera on panel.
№ 60.17.26.
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