Богородица и Младенец на пейзаже {5519}
Virgin and Child in a landscape
Purchased with funds from the State of North Carolina.
Чима да Конельяно
Cima da Conegliano
Северная Каролина: музей Худ.
North Carolina: North Carolina Museum of Art
Cima's Madonna and Child exemplifies three related characteristics of Venetian painting of the High Renaissance: the refinement of the oil medium, a remarkable sensitivity for light, and a profound affinity for landscape painting. Through mastery of the oil medium Cima captures in his paintings the ethereal quality of the light that suffuses the countryside around his birthplace of Conegliano, located some 40 miles north of Venice. The refinement of his technique can also be seen in the exquisite modeling of the heads of the two figures and in the delicate rendering of the Madonna's headdress.
Equally masterful is the artist's treatment of the spiritual aspects of the painting. The Madonna seems lost in thought, as if contemplating the destiny of Her Son. Cima positions the figures between a monastery at lower left and a hill town (probably Conegliano) at right, so that they form a link between the spiritual/contemplative world of monastic life and the secular/active world of everyday life.
Oil on panel, transferred to canvas
№ 52.9.152.
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