Богородица и Младенец со свв. Иеронимом и Николаем Толентинским {5510}
Virgin and Child with SS Jerome and Nicholas of Tolentino
Charles Potter Kling Fund.
Лотто Л.
Lorenzo Lotto
Бостон: МИИ (1960 )
Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
Vibrant colors and deep, atmospheric landscapes are hallmarks of the work of Lotto, a Venetian contemporary of Titian, who worked both as a portraitist and a religious painter.
Here, in a characteristically clear and straightforward way, Lotto presents a visual statement of fundamental Christian beliefs. The table that supports both Child and His Mother represents the altar. The small coffin beneath the Child foretells His death, as does the crucifix held by the weeping St Jerome. But the Child turns away from the cross and toward the lily that evokes both the Annunciation, when Maria learned She was to bear a Child, and Christ’s triumphant Resurrection after His death.
Oil on canvas.
№ 60.154.
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