Богородица и Младенец {5509}
Virgin and Child
This refined and graceful sculpture was once part of an elaborate altar shrine (now lost) in the parish church of Krenstetten in Lower Austria.
It is carved from a single piece of wood, hollowed out behind to prevent cracking.
The quality of the carving is remarkable, as seen in the deep, looping folds of the Virgin’s mantle.
Crowned as the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin - with Her gently swaying posture and delicate features - represents the epitome of idealized beauty.
Other aspects of the sculpture are much more naturalistic, including the face of the crescent moon on which the Virgin stands.
Centennial Purchase Fund, 1965.
Кренстеттен: церковь ( - )
Krenstetten in Lower Austria: parish church

Бостон: МИИ (1965 )

Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
Virgin and Child on the Crescent Moon.
~1455. Lower Austria.
Резьба. Дерево.
Carving on wood.
Poplar with polychromy and gilding.
h = 1778.
№ 65.1354.
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