Триптих-складень {5507}
Portable triptych
Duccio’s ability to weave groups of figures into moving and compelling pictorial narratives was unprecedented in Italian painting. His jewel-like color and elegant, linear style dominated Sienese painting for two hundred years. Here, beneath the poignant, subtly modeled body of Christ, mourners gathered around Virgin melt together in shared grief; on the other side of the cross, the poses and gesticulations of soldiers and onlookers suggest confusion and disarray. This remarkably well-preserved triptych is one of Duccio’s few surviving paintings. A sumptuous object for private devotion, it was undoubtedly commissioned by a wealthy individual whose patron saints were probably Nicholas and Gregory.
Grant Walker and Charles Potter Kling Funds, 1945 45.88
Дуччо ди Буонинсенья и мастерская
Duccio di Buoninsegna and workshop
Бостон: МИИ
Boston: Museum of Fine Arts
Св. Николай, левая створка
St Nicholas

Спаситель с ангелами, навершие

Redeemer with angels

Распятие с предстоящими, центр

Crucifixion with attendants

Св. Григорий, левая створка

St Gregory
190х450 + 395х600 + 190х450.
The backs of the wings are painted in imitation of marble and semiprecious stones.
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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