Волынская {5375}
Virgin of Volhynia
происхождение названия:
Луцк Волынской губ.
The icon was renowned as an agent of miracles.
Poem-prayers were composed about it, and at various times it was given a special place in honor in the church, in which connection it suffered greatly.
Луцк: церковь Покрова Богородица (~1385 - )
Lutsk: church of Intercession


Kiev: Museum of Ukrainian fine arts
Богородица и Младенец
Virgin and Child
Доска, темпера.
Egg tempera on the lime wood.
In the 18th century both upper corners of it's panel were removed in order to install the icon in a new case, while the representation itself was plated with a bronze gilt.
In the 19th century, when the icon was transferred to a new icon-case designed in the classical style, the panel, together with the mounting, was cut from the sides, so that the icon lost its initial almost square form and original margins with their two pink bands of different tones.
The background of the icon was also spoiled being covered with red velvet and plaster stars set on it with the help of thick metal pintles.
The present meticulous restoration of the icon was executed by M.V.Pertsev.
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Virgin museum
Peter museum
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