Евангелие {5232}
The text was copied and the canon tables and marginals were executed in 1297 by scribe Hovhannes in Eghegis while the portraits of the evangelists, titlepages and thematic miniatures were executed by Grigor Tatevatsi and his pupil in 1378.
In 1809 the manuscript was restored and put into a silver embossed cover.
As a result of the restoration, the order of the canon tables was disrupted.
At present it is the following: f. Iv-canon table II; f. 2r-canon table X; f. 3v-canon table II; f. 4r-canon table II; f. 5v-canon table V; f. 6r-canon tables III and IV; f. 7v-canon tables VIII and IX; f. 8r-canon table VI.
The miniatures added in 1378 are f. 9v-10r-Eusebius' Letter to Carpianos; f. 11v-Matthew the Evangelist: f. 12r-titlepages; f. 77v-Mark the Evangelist; f. 78r-titlepage; f. 119v-Luke the Evangelist; f. 120r-titlepage; f. 189r-John the Evangelist; f. 190r-titlepage; f. 248r-the Annunciation; f. 249v-the Nativity; f. 250r-Virgin and Child; f. 251r-Entry into Jerusalem; f. 252r-the Crucifixion.
Ереван: Матенадаран
Yerevan: Matenadaran
1297, 1378.
254 folios, paper, bolorguir.
№ 7482.
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