Христос, прощающийся с БР {4028}
Christ's farewell to His Mother, or Christ taking leave of His Mother
Неизвестный скульптор
Unknown Hungarian master (active 1520-1530)
The relief together with the fragment showing the three apostles was probably the central part of an epitaph erected in memory of a deceased person.
The epitaph most probably stood in the bishopric cathedral of Nyitra.
The iconographical curiosity of the relief is that the Virgin touches Christ's attire in a way reminiscent of the "Noli me tangere" representations.
The figures of Virgin and Christ, and especially the depiction of Christ's head, prove the artist's familiarity with a woodcut of the same subject in Durer's series, The Small Passion.
The balanced composition, together with the long folds of the robes and the tranquil brush-work, point to the influence of northern Renaissance art, and shows similarities with the art of Hans Daucher and Peter Vischer in particular.
Будапешт: гал. Венгерская нац.
Budapest: Hungarian national gallery
Рельеф. Известняк. Резьба.
предмет с изображением:
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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