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Crucifixion with attendants
This masterpiece is regarded as the greatest painting of his mature years.
It was commissioned by Nicolт Bonafede, an apostolic legate who lived in the small Marche town of Monte San Giusto, near Macerata, and can still be seen today in the church for which it was painted.
Лотто Л.
Lorenzo Lotto
Монте Сан Джусто: церковь Санта Мария в Телузиано
Monte San Giusto: church of Santa Maria in Telusiano
Entering the small church, we are first struck by the enormity of its size which entirely dominates its surroundings. From the furthest end of the nave, we are conscious of two levels. In the lower central area of the painting is a group in which the fainting Virgin is being supported by St John and two gentlewomen. High above it are the three crosses isolated against a dark tempestuous sky. Approaching the painting, we become conscious of a group of men beneath the cross, some on horseback holding spears, others on foot, while Mary Magdalene, dressed in blue, stands helplessly with outstretched arms behind the Virgin.
From here the full impact of this drama of Golgotha can be seen in all its extraordinary detail. In the words of Berenson, "rarely, or perhaps never before, had the Crucifixion been depicted in a spirit so close to that of a Greek tragedy".
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