Евангелие царя Иоанна II Кроткого, с добавленными минеями {4845}
Gospels of Tsar Ivan Alexander, with added Menologion
Bequeathed by Darea Curzon, Baroness Zouche, widow of Robert Curzon, in 1917.
Copied in 1355...56 by a monk named Simeon for Tsar Ivan Alexander (reigned between 1331 and 1371), (colophon, ff. 274 - 275). Portrait miniatures of Tsar Ivan Alexander and his family (ff. 2v-3), 'Magic square' word puzzle with ex libris of Tsar Alexander (f. 273v).

Probably taken across the Danube into Moldavia to preserve it from the Ottoman invaders in 1393.

Monastery of St Paul, Mt Athos, Greece from 17th century (f. 286v), where it was acquired by the Hon. Robert Curzon (1810 - 73), in ~1833.

Part of collection of Curzon, later the fourteenth Baron Zouche, at Parham in Sussex ( - 1917)

Лондон: библиотека Британская (1917 )

London: British library
1355...56 (A.M. 6864). Bulgaria (perhaps Turnovo).
With addition of 1400...99.
Language: Bulgarian Church Slavonic.
Script: Formal Uncial Church Slavonic, by Simeon (colophon, ff. 274-275).
240х330 (135х230).
Folios: ff. i + 286.
Format: Codex. Vellum.
Binding: Original. Red-stained blind-stamped leather, Greek style binding with raised spine and grooved boards. Evidence of metalwork bosses, now missing.
№ Add. MS 39627.
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