Мозаика {4409}
Якопо да Камерино, Якопо да Торрити
Jacopo da Camerino and Jacopo da Torriti
Рим: церковь св. Иоанна
Rome: church of St John at the Lateran, or San Giovanni in Laterano, The Mother of All Churches, dedicated to Our Saviour, and to SS John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, Piazza di San Giovanni Laterano
You can see masters' self-portraits among the apostles, two kneeling figures to the left and right of the pointed windows.
The Pope kneeling close to the Blessed Virgin is Nicholas IV, who was praised for his work at the Lateran by Dante in Paradiso.
Above the gemmed crucifix is the Holy Spirit, shown as a dove.
Water flowing from its beak divided into four streams, symbolizing the four-fold Gospel, which run into the Jordan, a symbol of Baptism.
The city between the streams is Heavenly Jerusalem, and in the city the phoenix, a symbol of immortality, is perched on the Tree of Life.
In the upper part of the mosaic is Christ's head surrounded by seraphim.
This is not merely decoration, but a reference to the tradition that Christ appeared during the original consecration of the basilica. The motif occurs in other places too, such as on farms in the countryside that are or were owned by the Lateran.
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