Богородица и Младенец на троне с ангелами {4390}
Virgin and Child enthroned with angels
The icon is from the old graveyard church in the village where the first divine service was held for the April Uprising in 1876. After the defeat of the Uprising the church was burnt down to ashes by the Turks. The whole lower part of the icon was damaged by the fire and the inscriptions in the base were destroyed. Restoration and treatment by infrarays and roentgenography made legible only part of the inscriptions reading: "The icon was painted to commemorate,.."
Сестстрмо ( - )
Seststrmo, Pazardjik district

София: Нац. ист. музей

Sofia: National history museum
Два ангела расположены за троном.
17 в.
Tempera on wood.
№ in RTS 1444.
The abundance of gilt in the icon in the ornaments of the vestments and in the frame elaborately carved and decorated with a plant ornament (vines and rosettes), the subdued color, the manner of laying the bodily colors by underlining volume beneath and over the eyes and the richly decorated Baroque throne attest to high masterly professionalism and associate this work of art with a series of icons of the same time from Sofia, Etropole and some monasteries by Turnovo.
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