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Димитров Х.
Christo Dimitrov
д. Габровница: церковь свв. Кирилла и Мефодия
village of Gabrovnitsa, Pazardjik region: church of SS Cyril and Methodius

София: Нац. ист. музей

Sofia: National history museum
A traditional in iconography work is rendered in a markedly sophisticated manner of painting, enriched by additional amusing details. The scaled-down figures of angels with trumpets are depicted around the ascending Christ, who is painted in full figure, seated in a bright halo. At the foreground, down at the bottom, is the group of the Apostles and the Virgin Mary among them. It was found out that the Virgin's figure is comparable to the depiction of St. Catherine in the icon of the same name - a well known work of Christo Dimitrov's-owned by Atanas Samokovliev from Plovdiv. The two figures were painted using one and the same stencil. It was found in the course of a research on some drawings from the National Revival period, conducted at the National Art Gallery by the Bulgarian art historian Atanas Sharenkov. When placed over the figure of the Virgin in the above-described icon, it is evident that the selfsame stencil was used in painting the figure of the Virgin both for the outlines and in detail.
~1815. Samokov school.
Tempera on wood.
The icon has a decorated frame in brick red and gilt. The background is blue.
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