Сладкое лобзание {4386}
Virgin the Glikofulissa
София: Нац. ист. музей
Sofia: National history museum
Formally, this is work of a traditional iconography. The Holy Virgin is painted in knee-length, in blue chiffon and grayish-green maphorion. The movements of the playing Infant and the swirl of the folds in his garments are rendered with great virtuosity. The colours of the icon are light, pure tones of pale rose and tender crimson, combined with sky blue, gilt-green and ochre with shades of pink. The background is filled with clouds in the entire range of rose through white.
The dynamic figures of the two angels who support the Virgin's crown are painted with great easiness and freedom. This is a representative work of the 19 century Mount Athos icon-painting school. The clear, beautiful face of the Holy Virgin is adorned with the innocent, full of life and optimism eyes of an Italian Renaissance Madonna. The exquisitely painted face and hand of the Holy Virgin are the work of a perfect master from Mount Athos.
1845. Афон.
Tempera on wood.
The frame is painted in red and gilt, with an elaborate gilt ornament.
The same ornament is to be seen on the crown and the fine hatching of the garments.
The traces of an inscription in Greek at the bottom of the frame are from the name of the donor, the icon's origin - Mount Athos, and the year of depiction.
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