2-частник {4381}
2-partite icon
София: Нац. ист. музей
Sofia: National history museum
Умиление, верхние 3/4
Virgin the Eleusa, upper part
Святые, нижняя четверть
Saints, lower part
1807. Mount Athos.
Tempera on wood.
The icon has a decorated frame and painted background.
An inscription at the bottom bears the name of the donor - the monk Vassilius from John the Precursor Church in Mount Athos and the year of depiction.
The icon possesses all features of the representative Athonian icon-painting of the time. The images are exquisite, with beautiful faces. Colours are bright, cheerful, precisely constructed.
The icon is a perfect work of art, cheerful and exuberant, lacking the inhibiting grayness of the icon-painting from the previous centuries. A typical for the period manner of painting shows a tendency towards a detailed depiction, embellishments and decoration - angels supports the Virgin's crown, Cod the Father and cherubim appear above the Virgin.
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