Апокалипсис {4186}
Fine artist of the late 15th century painted this icon on the subject of "Revelations of St John the Divine", one of the most tragic books of the New Testament, which tells about the vision of the end of the world and the Last Judgment shown by God to the apostle John.
The appearance of the radiant and formidable deity is alternated in the book with the depictions of the penalties imposed on our sinful earth.
The theme of the Apocalypse was popular in Russia at the end the 15th century.
According to the old chronology, the year 1492 was the year 7000 and so the end of the world was expected.
However, this icon with its well-balanced composition, elegant figures, graceful postures and gestures of its numerous characters and radiant palette with the predominance of red and white colors, does not express horror in expectation of the end of the world but rather hopes for the salvation of the righteous Orthodox Russian state, as if the artist had been inspired by the words of Filofey, one of the authors of the "Moscow the Third Rome" theory according to which "all Christian countries are flooded with disbelief, and only the kingdom of our sovereign alone is standing by Christ's mercy".
Кремлёвский мастер
М.: собор Успенский
Moscow: cathedral of Dormition
The icon illustrates the text very comprehensively, yet the artist does not observe the sequence of events, thus creating his own picture of the world.
In the upper row the scenes taking place in Heaven, the second row shows the suffering and peril of people on earth and the lower row presents episodes of the Second Advent - the peril of the sinners and the triumph of the righteous.
Выполнена в прозрачных голубых, золотистых и нежносиреневых тонах.
№ 3226 соб.
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