Страшный суд {4149}
Last Judgment
Выполнен по заказу канцлера Ролена, наполнен символами. Предназначался для монастырского госпиталя, куда больные приходили не лечиться, а умирать.

The Last Judgement polyptych was painted by Rogier Van der Weyden and his studio for the "great hall of the poor" in the Hotel-Dieu in Beaune.

This hospital was founded by the fabulously wealthy Chancellor Rolin, and his devout third wife, Guigone de Salins, for the salvation of their souls and in the hope of storing up treasures in heaven.
Work began in 1443. These were dark times indeed.
Beaune had suffered greatly at the hands of pillaging soldiers who were creating havoc throughout France and particularly in Burgundy; bad harvests had been followed by famine, and the plague had also struck.
The existing hospitals were unable to cater for the myriad sick and suffering.
The new room was a vast open nave, with a panelled barrel vault for a ceiling, and could contain thirty canopied beds along its two long walls.
The polyptych was placed at one end of this space, behind the altar, in a chapel separated from the nave by an "open work wooden partition", through which patients could follow the divine service from their sick beds.

As long as the polyptych hung in the chapel, it was traditional to open the wings on Sundays and solemn feast days.

But since it has been restored, it is now kept in a neighbouring room which is air-conditioned to prevent any further deterioration due to the heat generated by the three hundred thousand visitors who come to see it each year.
The panels were sawn in half across the thickness of the wood a few years ago, and both front and the reverse are now exhibited simultaneously, side by side.
Вейден Р. ван дер
Rogier van der Weyden
Бон (Фр.): музей
Beaune:Museum of the Hospices Civils de Beaune, or Musee de l'Hotel Dieu
состояние створок:
with opened wings закрыты
with closed wings
The polyptych is enormous. It is made up of fifteen panels of different sizes.
Oil on wood, partially transferred on canvas.
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