Диптих Баргелло {4056}
Bargello Diptych
This is another of the pictures whose origin has been the subject of considerable speculation among scholars, for the international uniformity which is the hallmark of the International Gothic style has led to the picture being ascribed to Avignon, Paris, Franco-Flemish, Austrian and Bohemian artists.
Perhaps the closest analogy can be found in the works of the Master of Trebon (the folds of the Virgin's mantle, undulating in a similar manner, or the insubstantial birds on the roof of the Bethlehem stable).
On the other hand, these details could be coincidental, or derived from a common source; until the coat of arms on the ornate bed can be positively identified these questions will remain open to speculation.
Флоренция: Нац. музей, дворец Баргелло
Florence: Museo Nazionale del Bargello
Поклонение волхвов, слева
Adoration of the magi, the left panel
Распятие, справа
Crucifixion, the right panel
~1380...90. France.
Tempera on wood.
(310 + 310)х500.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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