Триптих моденский {3015}
Modena Triptych
Эль Греко
El Greco
The Triptych is interesting as the earliest known work by El Greco. It clearly belongs to the time soon after his arrival in Italy.
We see the artist acquainting himself with the new Italian subject matter and its treatment, and making his first essays in the new technique of Venice.
The flat, linear, geometrical designs of Byzantine art give way to compositions employing rounder, more solid forms, and a looser handling.
The somewhat nervous quality may be regarded as El Greco's own, and the Triptych does contain motifs and compositions that he later develops.
The subjects of the Annunciation, Adoration of the Shepherds and Baptism inspire some of El Greco's grandest works.
The Allegory of the Christian Knight is appropriately recollected in the Allegory of the Holy League. The Byzantine image of Mount Sinai is not unreasonably brought to mind in front of the late Toledo.
Модена: гал. Естенсе
Modena: Galleria Estense
Поклонение пастухов, левая створка, л/с
Adoration of the shepherds

Аллегория христианского рыцаря, центр, л/с

Allegory of a Christian Knight Крещение, правая створка, л/с

Благовещение, слева, о/с


Гора Синай, центр, о/с

Mount Sinai Изгнание из рая, справа, о/с
Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
Portable triptych. Tempera on panel.
Small portable altarpiece with hinged wings, painted on both sides, of a type similar in form to others produced in Crete in the 16th century, but with an Italian Renaissance frame.
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