Непорочное зачатие {3006}
Immaculate Conception
It is the great masterpiece of the late manner of the artist, painted for the High Altar of the Chapel of Oballe.
The painting certainly represents the Immaculate Conception, although it has often been referred to as an Assumption.
The various attributes of the Virgin (roses, lilies, mirror, fountain of clear water) proper to the representation of the Mystery, appear at the foot of the painting on the right. A view of Toledo appears on the left.
The painting is the grand culmination of Greco's career. No artist has been able to express so convincingly the infinite: an infinity of color and light, an infinity of movement and of space.
This expression of the spiritual reality of the universe was only possible to attain by the uncompromising disengagement of his art from the material and transitory of this World. The earth, symbolized by Toledo, is already a phantom.
From the burst of rose and white flowers at the base, a great upsurge of movement - of color and light, in constant flux - commences, and increases in its rapture, and met by the light of the Dove, becomes all-pervading and infinite.
It is perhaps the most remarkable realisation of spiritual ecstasy in painting, and one of the greatest masterpieces of color.
A single detail - the offering of flowers, the opening of a wing, the Virgin's mantle transfigured by light - is a moving experience in itself.
Эль Греко
El Greco
Oil on canvas.
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