Поклонение пастухов {3997}
Adoration of the shepherds
Эль Греко Д.
Domenico El Greco
Нью-Йорк: Метрополитен
New York: MMA
Greco's great painting, like this Adoration, are ecstatic visions, in an unearthly light, with dreamlike distortions of forms, released from earthly perceptions. Mystics have spoken of luminous apparitions, poets have continually sought to reproduce dream faces in words: Greco caught the visions of those in ecstasy and the magic imagery of the dreamers in line and colour, in exact recollection of the experience and without assimilation to the visible world. From the moment of the 'overcoming of sensual perception' Greco's paintings are filled with an optical content which cannot be further explained, which defies all the laws of composition and colour and can no longer be tested by the proportions and optics of the tangible and visible world.
Oil on canvas.
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