Триптих {3979}
Buonaccorso's painting is of major significance in the art world as it is believed that only two percent of the panel paintings created during the late 14th century still exist today.
Triptych was commissioned by the Sisters of an Augustinian order in Siena, Italy.

The presence of a nun dressed in a black, possibly Augustinian habit among the small donors at the feet of St Lawrence suggests that this triptych originally may have been commissioned for an important female community of that order in Siena or its environs.

Буонаккорсо Н. ди
Niccolo di Buonaccorso
Костальпино: церковь св. Маргариты ( - )
Costalpino, outside Siena: church of Santa Margherita

Сан-Диего: Тимкен музей искусства

San Diego: Timken museum of Art
Св. ?, левая створка
St ?, the left wing

Богородица и Младенец на троне

Virgin and Child enthroned Св. Лаврентий, правая створка
St Lawrence, a full-length image, the right wing
Tempera and gold on wood.
(? + 585 + ?)х1525.
Its original frame carried the following inscription: "NICHOLAUS: BONACHURSI. ME PINXIT. A. DNI. 1387" (Niccolo di Buonaccorso painted me in the year of the Lord 1387).
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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