Аллегория, или Богоматерь Озёрная {3944}
Sacred allegory, or Lake Madonna
происхождение названия:
The title "Sacred Allegory" fits it perfectly, as, while the meaning of the painting is not immediately clear, the presence of a mythological figure (the centaur in the background on the right) among characters and symbols of the Christian religion appears strange.
Many experts see a reference to the 14th century French poem "The Pilgrimage of the Soul" by Guillaume de Deguilleville, in the representation of souls from hell.
Other than this interpretation, it has been suggested that it is an allegory of Mercy and Justice or an image of Paradise.
These painting of doubtful and controversial interpretation was originally attributed to Giorgione, but after comparisons with other works by Giovanni Bellini there was no doubt that he had painted it. In fact there is a definite harmony of tone and light in the composition, in accordance with his style, as is the combination of Renaissance perspective and Flemish influenced (especially from Jan van Eyck) way of depicting the landscape.
Беллини, Джованни
Giovanni Bellini
Флоренция: гал. Уффици
Florence: Galleria degli Uffizi
The characters have been identified in the following way: the Virgin sits on the left, on the throne decorated with bas-relief, with two saints by Her, inside a fence leant on by SS Paul and Joseph, the latter watching a charming group of children at play, one of whom, sitting on a cushion and being given oranges is thought to be Jesus.
The two people approaching on the right could be SS Job and Sebastian (pale and pierced by an arrow).
In the background a man sitting in a cavern can be seen, his image reflected in the water in front of him.
Доска, темпера.
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