Сретение {3818}
Presentation of Christ in the temple
Эхтелд (Нидерланды): замок Виенбурга
Echteld (Netherlands): Castle De Wijenburgh
The scene of the meeting takes place in the temple, in front of the altar, which is represented in our icon as a table covered with a canopy...
On the two sides of the altar are the Virgin (left) and St Simeon (right).
Virgin is holding out Her two hands, covered with the maphorion, in a gesture of offering.
She has just handed Her Son to Simeon.
The ancient holy man, leaning forward, holds the Child in his two hands, also covered with his garment (as a sign of veneration).
St Joseph follows the Virgin carrying in the fold of his garment the offering of poor parents...
St Anne, the daughter of Phanuel ..., stands behind St Simeon, in the background.
This icon is particularly interesting for its choice of color, more intense and with much more contrast. Its composition is also much more complex.
In agreement with convention, the figures are depicted in front of the building while in reality the action is actually happening inside.
This icon is much more two-dimensional. Russian icons are supposed to be two-dimensional, since three-dimensionality belongs to the real world.
These are works that are supposed to represent superior beings and therefore they are not supposed to be realistic.
The colors are very interesting. A lot of care was taken in choosing the color with the most contrast. The altar is orange as if to direct the focus of the viewer to the main action, which is the presentation in the temple.
By contrast the robes of both St Simeon and the Virgin are much darker in comparison with the very bright color of the baby Christ.[S.C.]
Moscow School.
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