София - Премудрость Божия {3811}
Sophia - the Divine Wisdom
Интернет: ~Аристотель
Internet: ~Aristotle
A large and important Ural School icon of a complex subject.
Sophia, an aspect of Christ before the Creation, is depicted as a winged angelic figure with flame red face seated upon a throne at center.
Above Her is Christ in a mandorla flanked by two angels. Higher still are the Heavens filled with stars and angels.
At center is Lord Sabaoth-God the Father with a dove-the Holy Spirit upon his chest. To the left of Sophia is the Mother of God, robed as a queen, winged and with Christ Immanuel upon Her chest.
To Her left, is the Apostle John. To the right of Sophia, is John the Forerunner, also winged and with crown. Behind him, is John Chrysostum. The left border with Anthony of the Caves, Kiril, and Nephunt.
On the right border are Feuclosiy, the Venerable John, and John the Much Suffering Mnogostradalnviy. This icon is probably from a small chapel.
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Peter museum
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