Благовещение {3694}
с. Далёва: церковь св. Параскевы ( - )
village of Dalyova (Poland): church of St Parasceve

Львов: ЛМУИ

Lviv: Museum of Ukrainian art
Archangel Gabriel seems to be descending from the sky.
Illuminated with light he has not yet folded his wings and is slowly descending to the ground which is lavishly covered with grass. In his left hand, he holds a criterion while, with his right hand, he blesses Maria.
She sits with Her head slightly bent, as if in readiness for a dialogue with God's messenger. The artist depicts Maria plunged in a deep reverie; Her feelings, Her entire poetic images are far removed from sinful earth.
Above the center of the icon a radiant light is flowing from the sky, infusing the scene with divine grace.
16 в.
Egg tempera on lime wood.
№ i-133.
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Peter museum
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