Одигитрия {3444}
д. Красив: церковь св. Димитрия (15 в. - )
village of Krasiv, Lviv region: St Demetrius church


The icon presents a classical type of the Virgin Odegetria.
Its originality lies in the representation of half-figures of the archangels Michael and Gabriel, which enhance the solemn character of the image and impart to it the meaning of Majesty.
It is one of the first Ukrainian icons which rendered a highly lyrical image of Virgin as Odegetria, somewhat unusual for the Directress.
She possesses a special maidenly beauty, charming in its refinement. Her head is covered with a dark-red maphorion, Her neck is long and Her adoring eyes seem to be full of sadness.
The entire image of the Virgin is permeated with an unending sense of desolation, as, with a delicate gesture at Her right hand, She points to the Child who is under an imminent death penalty.
The image of Virgin admirably comprises Hellenic and Byzantine features.
Child is shown as a sage who gives a blessing with His right hand while in the left He holds a Gospel scroll. He is concentrated and restrained, as though having a foreboding of His future sufferings.
This icon belonging to the Lviv painting school served as a pattern for numerous works of the same type executed in Lviv Region in the mid-l6th century.
15 в.
Egg tempera on lime wood.
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