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Lorenzo Monaco was a monk of the Camaldolese monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli, Florence.
This ascetic order had been founded in 1012 by a Benedictine monk, St Romuald, shocked at the decadent laxity of his own monastery, and named by him after the mountain locality of Camaldoli in Tuscany where he built a hermitage.
Legend has it that he dreamed of a ladder stretching from earth to Heaven, on which men in white robes were ascending, and thereupon decreed that the monks of his new order would dress in white.
For this reason, Camaldolese altarpieces such as this one always show St Benedict, the 6th-century founder of the Benedictines, dressed in white rather than Benedictine black.
Лоренцо М.
Lorenzo Monaco
Лондон: Нац. гал.
London: NGA
Коронование БР
Coronation of the Virgin and Adoring saints
Egg tempera on poplar.
In its original form the altarpiece was not divided as a triptych but presented a single surface with a three-arched top, with gables and a predella.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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