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The Passion Virgin
Greek Initials for "Mother of God".
Star on Virgin's veil. She is the Star of the Sea....who brought the light of light to the darkened world... the star that leads us to the safe port of heaven
Greek Initial for "St Gabriel the Archangel". He holds the Cross and the nails.
Virgin's eyes are large for all our troubles. They are turned toward us always.
Greek Initial for "St Michael the Archangel". He is depicted holding the lance and gall-sop of Christ's Passion.
Greek Initials for "Jesus Christ".
Virgin's left hand supporting Child possessively: She is His Mother. It is a comforting hand for everyone who calls on Her.
Virgin's mouth is small for silent recollection. She speaks little.
Red tunic, the colors worn by virgins at the time of Christ.
Falling sandal. Did Jesus almost lose His shoe running to Virgin for comfort at the thought of his Passion?
Dark blue mantle, the color worn by mothers in Palestine. Maria is both Virgin and Mother.
The entire background is golden, symbolic of heaven, where Jesus and Virgin are now enthroned.
The gold also shines through Their clothing, showing the heavenly joy They can bring to tired human hearts.
Christ's hands, turned palms down into His Mother's, indicate that the graces of redemption are in Her keeping.
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