Снятие со креста {3166}
Descent from the cross
Мачуча П.
Pedro Machuca
Мадрид: музей Прадо
Madrid: Museo del Prado
Artist depicts secondary characters who attend the event, such as the anachronistic figure of a Roman soldier and the anecdotal presence of a child affected with mumps or an abscess.
The main characters are assembled around the cross and form a diagonal line crossing the panel from left to right; the others form two groups at both sides of them, between the right foreground and the left background.
The atmosphere is full of mystery and has a nocturnal character that is already a mannerist contribution. The mysterious mood is heightened by the glimpse of the horizon and some luminous touches among the figures.
Oil on panel.
1280х1410 (with frame)
предмет с изображением:
посвящённый предмет
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