Айнсиделнская большая {3148}
Large Virgin of Einsiedeln
Мастер E.S.
Master E.S.
In the spring of 1465, the famous Benedictine church of the Virgin Maria in the Swiss town of Einsiedeln burned to the ground.
It had hordes of pilgrims, because it offered many attractions for the pious tourist, among them a statue of the Virgin that could work miracles.
After the church burned down, the Benedictines launched a campaign to finance immediate rebuilding.
In 1466 the new church was handed over to the monks during and festivities were held.
The feast lead to a commission for perhaps the most beautiful devotional print of the 15th century.
It was executed by Master E.S., the most important graphic artist of the period.
Master E.S. did not depict the legend but devised a composition, in which the narrative is subordinated to the devotional element.
The Virgin bears not the slightest resemblance to the miracle-working Black Virgin of Einsiedeln, nor did Master E.S. even base the setting on a real building. In fact, he probably never even visited the town.
Берлин: Гос. музеи
Berlin: Staatliche Museen
Св. Троица с ангелами, на балконе
On the balcony, behind a balustrade and beneath a triumphal canopy, is Heaven in all its panoply and glory. Not only is Christ present, but the full Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and there are hosts of angels.
Богородица и Младенец на троне с ангелом, св. Бенедиктом и молящими, внизу
Virgin and Child enthroned with angel, St Benedict and prayers
Virgin is enthroned on the altar, flanked by St Benedict on the left and an angel on the right. Both are carrying candlesticks with lighted candles as a mark of honor.
Standing and kneeling around the altar are pilgrims, recognizable by their headgear and staffs.
Гравюра раскрашенная.
Engraving, handcolored.
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