Введение во храм {3147}
Presentation of Virgin in the temple
Мастер Будапештский
Master of Budapest
According to an apocryphal life of Maria, Her parents, Anna and Joachim, were not blessed with child for twenty years and when at last their Daughter Maria was born, they were so grateful to the Lord that they gave Her into the care of the church and She became a Virgin of the temple.
These maidens were educated and received moral instruction from the priests, an arrangement which to some extent foreshadowed the orders of nuns in the Middle Ages.
His picture The Crucifixion in {3146} suggests that the painter was an expressive artist, with a desire to convey the dramatic aspects of suffering; but this painting shows that he was also capable of lyricism and that even in his representation of saints he sought to express his knowledge of the human heart.
Будапешт: МИИ
Budapest: Museum of Fine Arts
This painting records the moment when Maria takes leave of Her parents and presents Herself to the high priest.
The artist's gift for depicting thoughts and feelings is clearly illustrated in the faces of Joachim and the high priest.
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