Алтарь католических королей {3118}
Altarpiece of Catholic Kings
Мастер Католических Королей
Master of the Catholic Kings
Ferdinand and Isabel became known as the "Catholic Kings" because of their religious zeal, offering the Jews and Moors the choice of converting to Catholicism or being expelled from Spain.
This paintings along with seven others formed parts of an altarpiece probably painted for a church or convent in Valladolid in north central Spain and commissioned by or for the monarchs.
The high quality of the altarpiece and its probable royal patronage have given the painter the name Master of the Catholic Kings.
Вашингтон: Нац. гал.
Washington: NGA
Отрок Христос среди учителей иудейских
Christ among the Doctors
Свадьба в Кане
Marriage at Cana
Oil on panel.
Virgin museum
Peter museum
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