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The Passion Virgin
Frightened by the vision of two angels showing Him the instruments of the Passion, the Christ Child has run to His Mother, almost losing, in His haste, one of the tiny sandals.
Virgin holds Him in Her arms reassuringly, lovingly.
But notice Her eyes. They look not at Jesus but at us. Is this not a touch of genius? How better to express Our Lady's interest in our lives and our spiritual growth?
Christ's little hands, too, are pressed into Virgin's as a reminder to us that just as on earth He placed Himself entirely in Her hands for protection, so now in heaven he places each of us in Her tender, loving care.
This is the principal message of the picture.
picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
These are high quality prints, mounted on a solid wood base, coated with a smooth and clear acrylic coating,
The web images presented at this web sight do not reflect the true appearance or clarity of these icon style plaques, the true colors are bright and vibrant, they are truly beautiful.
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