Благовещение {3079}
Лотто Л.
Lorenzo Lotto
Recanati (Macerata)
Богородица на коленях молится.
Архангел Гавриил на одном колене, с цветущей ветвью, от него шарахнулся кот.
Вверху в проёме двери Бог Отец.
Masterpiece has been described with some justification as one of the most spectacular paintings in art history.
The painter has captured that moment just after the arrival of the angel Gabriel.
Maria had been quietly reading in Her room. Her bed stands in the corner, clothing hangs from pegs on the wall beneath a shelf. Such is the detail of the picture that Lotto has painted the individual grains of sand falling through the hourglass by the door. Unlike most paintings of the Annunciation, where the angel appears on the left and Maria on the right, the positions here have been reversed. Maria kneels in the darker side of the room, while the supernatural figures of the angel and God, appearing from a cloud, are bathed in light and cast contradictory shadows across the room. Maria had not expected the visitor; neither had the cat, who scampers away. Maria turns away from the divine presence and catches the viewer with Her gaze as if to share with us the mystery of the Incarnation.
Above angel's head the Eternal Father appears.


The cat that happened to be present, runs away, frightened.

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~1527. Венеция.
Oil on canvas.
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