Богородица и Младенец на троне со сценами из жизни св. Анны, или Тондо Бартолини {3050}
Virgin and Child with scenes from the life of St Anne
Липпи Ф.Ф.
Fra Filippo Lippi
Флоренция: гал. Палатина (дворец Питти)
Florence: Galleria Palatina (Palazzo Pitti)
На переднем плане представлены Богородица и Младенец на троне.
На втором плане слева - Рождество Марии. Справа Анне показывают запеленатую Марию, слева - две женщины с дарами.
Справа вверху Анна встречает вернувшегося Иоакима.
Справа ниже - три женщины с дарами и ребёнок.
It is one of the most celebrated and most beautiful works of Filippo Lippi. The shape of the circular panel, which was such a favourite in the Quattrocento for religious compositions, is used by the artist with perfect skill.
The pure face of the Virgin coincides almost exactly with centre of the panel, as it is also the spiritual fulchrum.
She and Child, who is posed with infantile grace, constitute the principal object of veneration and of vision.
The two lateral scenes, linked together by the beautiful figures of the women who approach the newly made mother, St Anne, lying on the bed on the left, form almost exactly two segments of the circle.
In allusion to the future birth of the Virgin is the "Meeting of Joachim and Anne at the Golden Gate" on the right above - small figures which stand out in the luminous geometry of the walls, windows and staircase.
Oil on panel.
Ж 1350.
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