Сборник гимнов и псалмов, ... {2033}
Gradual, Sequentiary, and Sacramentary
Original text erased in several places, replaced by a hymn to the Virgin in a second half of 13th century hand on ff. 100r - 100v. 13th century and 14th century annotations added in margins of all three parts of the volume. Marginal additions, later erased, in the Canon of the mass (f. 106v) appear to include the names Hermann and Henry; there were bishops of Wurzburg of these names in 1202 - 07 and 1225 - 54. References to St Kilian, patron of Wurzburg, have been added in the margins next to the mass 'pro patrono' (ff. 202v - 203).
~ The Benedictine abbey of St Nicholas, Komburg, near Schwabisch Hall in the diocese of Wurzburg (saints in the proper of saints, litany, etc.); references to St Elizabeth of Thuringia (d. 1231, canonised in 1235) are additions.

Stamp of the Royal Society, London, recording the gift of Henry Howard, sixth Duke of Norfolk (between 1628 and 1684, f.1).

Purchased by the British Museum (1831).

Лондон: библиотека Британская

London: British library
1225...50; < ~1236.
Language: Latin.
Script: Textualis Rotunda, by more than one scribe.
208х290 (147х210).
Folios: ff. 233.
Format: Codex. Vellum.
Binding: BM/BL in-house. Red leather, gilt with the Arundel arms and garter.
№ Arundel MS 156.
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