Богоматерь Гваделупская со свв. Иоакимом и Анной {2024}
Virgin of Guadalupe with SS Joachim and Anne
Acquired from Alicia Slette.
We do not know the name of the artist who painted this canvas but it is similar in style to some of the small paintings on tin that were made in Mexico in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
There are two more examples of Mexican paintings of this artist.
Неизв. худ. мексиканский
Anonymous Mexican artist
ASU Art Museum
The Virgin is surrounded by cherubim who are holding the symbols of the Immaculate Maria, such as the Rose without a Thorn, the Madonna Lily, the Spotless Looking Glass, and the Palm of Victory.
The man and woman kneeling below are her parents, SS Joachim and Anne.
Virgin is linked to the hands of her parents by a flower with leafy stems, making her appear as the flower of their union. The low blue hills in the background probably represent the hill of Tepeyac and the surrounding area.
20 в.
Oil on canvas
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